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Author(s): Jai Shankar Paul; Esmil Beliya; Shubhra Tiwari; Nisha Gupta; Dristi Verma; Shailesh Kumar Jadhav

DOI: 10.52228/NBW-JAAB.2019-1-2-5

Views: 100 (pdf),       1922 (html)

Access: Open Access

Cite: Jai Shankar Paul, Esmil Beliya, Shubhra Tiwari, Nisha Gupta, Dristi Verma and Shailesh Kumar Jadhav (2019) Comparative Studies of Physico-chemical Properties of Water from Various Ponds in Raipur. NewBioWorld A Journal of Alumni Association of Biotechnology, 1(2): 23-27.   10.52228/NBW-JAAB.2019-1-2-5

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Author(s): Nisha Gupta; Esmil Beliya; Shubhra Tiwari; Jai Shankar Paul; Shailesh Kumar Jadhav

DOI: 10.52228/NBW-JAAB.2021-3-2-5

Views: 24 (pdf),       1218 (html)

Access: Open Access

Cite: Nisha Gupta, Esmil Beliya, Shubhra Tiwari, Jai Shankar Paul, Shailesh Kumar Jadhav (2021) Combating SARS-CoV-2 and other Infectious Diseases with Enhanced Immunity by Herbs and Spices, and Preventing its Community Transfer via Ancient Indian Traditions and Culture. NewBioWorld A Journal of Alumni Association of Biotechnology, 3(2):13-21.   10.52228/NBW-JAAB.2021-3-2-5

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