Journal of Biological Sciences


  1. Lead Toxicity, Measurement and Control

    Author: Pramod Kumar Mahish, KL Tiwari and SK Jadhav |Download
  2. Seasonal variation of Aspergillus species in the different localities of Nawapara (Rajim), District – Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Author: Raju Mahobia, Shailesh Kumar Jadhav and Rekha Pimpalgaonkar |Download
  3. Isolation and Identification of Seed Borne Fungi from different Leguminous Seeds

    Author: Shriram Kunjam and Krishna Sidar |Download
  4. Avifauna richness and abundance of Chhal Coal mining area under Dharamjaigarh Forest Division

    Author: Vijay Kumar Bhagat, Manas Manohar Ujjaini, Mudit Kumar Singh |Download
  5. Comparative Studies of Physico-chemical Properties of Water from Various Ponds in Raipur

    Author: Jai Shankar Paul, Esmil Beliya, Shubhra Tiwari, Nisha Gupta, Dristi Verma and Shailesh Kumar Jadhav |Download
  6. Optimization of pH and temperature for efficient bio-hydrogen production from lignocellulosic waste

    Author: Mona Tandon, Shailesh Kumar Jadhav and Kishan Lal Tiwari |Download
  1. Water hyacinth producing bio-hydrogen by Klebsiella oxytoca ATCC 13182 and their optimization

    Author: Mona Tandon, Veena Thakur, Kunjlata Sao and Shailesh Kumar Jadhav |Download
  2. Determination of Anti-Diabetic Property of organic and nonorganic solvent extracts of Schizophyllum commune

    Author: Nagendra Kumar Chandrawanshi, Devendra Kumar Tandia and S. K. Jadhav |Download
  3. Production of Bioelectricity using Microbial Fuel Cells Fed with Synthetically Designed Wastewater

    Author: Reena Meshram and Shailesh Kumar Jadhav |Download
  4. Biosorption of Iron (II) from Aqueous Solution on Live Biomass of Aspergillus versicolor

    Author: Tikendra Kumar Verma, K. L. Tiwari and S. K. Jadhav |Download
  5. Use of InstantDNA card for molecular detection of Banana bunchy top virus by PCR in Musa sp.

    Author: Vikram Singh and Afaque Quraishi |Download

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